The CNY Family Sports Centre was established in 1996 and for over twenty years has been the premier indoor/outdoor multi-use sports complex in Central New York.

Our Vision:

"Our vision is to build and manage an outstanding commercial sports complex where both youth and adults can participate in popular organized team sports. Participation in team sports serves to nurture a number of basic life skills including mutual respect of others, responsibility, dedication, teamwork, and the ability to succeed. At the same time, it allows individuals to develop athletic skills to their highest potential. We also feel that team sports help strengthen family and social values by emphasizing fun, friendship and togetherness. Our vision for the Sports Centre is founded on these principles."


Our complex includes

The Jonhoben Room



Total of Seven Outdoor fields: Three 110 yd x 70 yd multipurpose natural grass fields, Two 70 yd x 40 yd multipurpose natural grass fields, One 90 yd x 70 yd multipurpose natural grass field, One 35 yd x 25 yd multipurpose natural grass field

Picnic area,Outdoor Kickwall, and a 250+ car parking lot.


7201 Jones Road

Syracuse, NY 13209


A front view of the bulding from one of the five outdoor fields.


The upper level mezzanine provides a great perspective for watching the action on the field.